A little West Yellowstone Hotel Background

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As a youth I remember fondly spending a few summer weeks in a Cabin Adjacent to Hebgen lake.  I’ve been all over the lake… every nook and cranny.  I’d rise in the morning load up the fishing poles and head out.  Come back if the fishing was “bad” (You know what they say about a bad day fishing – 🙂  ) and stay out all day if the fishing was good.

I spent very little time in the town itself other than occasional trips to get groceries. And while some things have changed over time… one thing has not.  West Yellowstone is still an overnight gas stop on the way into or out of  Yellowstone Park.

Most of the properties are not actually Hotels, but Motor Lodges.  A Motor Lodge or Motel is a property where the guest rooms open directly to a common area or parking lot.

Sure there has been some new development over time and there are new Hotels, but for the most part you should expect to find older (although mostly updated) smaller family owned properties.  So your have to decide if you want to spend more for the newer properties or take the chance on an older property.  Afterall West Yellowstone is not the Destination… the Park is the Destination.  Most people will spend but a single in night in West Yellowstone on the way in or out.

The purpose of our site West Yellowstone Hotels dot org is not to rate or review each property, but to provide a complete list of available options.  So please keep this in mind.  West Yellowstone is an old town with an old town feel. This is not a resort town and you can pretty much expect to find the same standard amenities at all the older properties.  The real issue becomes bang for the buck and cleanliness.

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